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Industrial Automation

Stepper motor motion control system Industrial PC

Encoder, connector, sensor Uninterruptible power supply

communications and bus Transformers Inverter

Wire and cable, electrical control system Human-Machine Interface

AGV Car and Intelligent Storage

AGV complete machine AGV unmanned vehicle

Automated guided vehicle Laser guided vehicle

AGV car Core parts Locating component Guidance component

Intelligent storage equipment and systems Traction、Laser、Carrier

3C Electronic Manufacturing
and Technical Equipment

3C automation equipment Electronic manufacturing automation equipment

SMT technology and equipment Welding equipment and materials

Testing and measurement ESD anti-static and purification equipment

Industrial assembly and transmission Components and control system

Power Transmission and Control Integration Application

Linear motion device Gear transmission、reducer

Electrical transmission system Chain drive、Belt drive

Pneumatic technology and system Hydraulic technology and system

Transmission coupling Other related products


Industrial robot complete machine Collaborative robots

System integration application Robot workstation

Controller/Reducer/Servo motor Welding and cutting equipment

Handling equipment Related software

Machine Vision

Machine Vision Intelligent camera

CMOS camera/CCD camera Industrial lens、High resolution lens

Image processing system Automation and Robotics

Machine vision integration Infrared image system